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This website is being compiled to help educate the public regarding “how to protect Civil Rights using The United States Federal Judiciary” as it is designed, & also to educate regarding historical nuances which make our governmental system confusing at first glance, so people may begin to “peaceably & legally” overturn corruption & injustice wherever it stands, & also spread awareness regarding the importance of our judiciary to help garner a heightened appreciation of those who protect all people, without prejudice.
This site is written in bold text in consideration to the visually impaired.
There are several graphics with famous quotes throughout this website to help portray what our country is supposed to be about:

4 MLK injustice quote

It is important to realize that we are still a young nation which has faced infiltration & sabotage since our birth as a nation, but this system is designed strong & with good will for humanity.  Our system has been in great danger from corruption, but now the people have been awakened, & we are here to protect & reinforce The American Justice system via “peaceably & legally” injecting knowledge into the general public in order to save our rights-protecting system:  the alternative which would replace the government we have would be devastating for the future of humanity.

For starters, here’s what will be very useful for people to know:

The 14th Amendment guarantees Citizens AND non-Citizens “Equal Protection of the Laws” 

Public Officials are “Liable” unto their Constitutional Oaths; they swear to uphold all peoples’ assumed rights, privileges, & immunities whether within or without The United States according to the last part of United States Code Title 42 “Perjury of Oath”

There are 3 Entirely Different Justice Systems Operating within the U.S.hint, the counties are “incorporated”

The 2 Systems of Law; the difference between “Civil” & “Criminal” law

Constitutionally, Courts have Permission to Operate in 1 of 3 Different “Modes”

About The U.S. Embassies; Originally Designed to Stop Wars from Overseas

Once you’ve read got the gist of all that, its time to learn the art of

 Civil Rights Self-Defense

4 MLK injustice quote

Thanks for sharing the above commemorative graphic!

Also, learn how The “Re-Unite The States!” Campaign fits together perfectly with the other campaigns Wild Willpower is peaceably assembling.

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How the U.S. Judicial System is Designed to Enable The People to Fix the System when used as Designed