Formulating “A Wise Redress of Grievances” (“Reasonable List of Demands”)

    Though many attorneys will tell you that the only remedy for civil cases is “compensation for damages”- this is false.  The First Amendment guarantees the right “To Petition The Government for a Redress of Grievances“:

Related Definitions:

Redress:  The receiving satisfaction for an injury sustained.

Satisfaction:  The act of satisfying a party by paying what is due to him.

Injury:  Any wrong or damage done to another, either in his person, rights, reputation, or property.

Personal Injury:  A non physical injury that occurs due to wrongful eviction, slander, false arrest or by violating the right to privacy of any person.

Grievance:  A complaint due to injury, injustice, or wrong.

Beyond Mere Restitution:

    An extraordinary, well-written Petition will present a thoughtful, solution-oriented “List of Reasonable Demands” which prevents the issue from recurring, providing Relief to the Damaged Party or Parties involved.  This “List of Demands” should be formulated in alignment with The Preamble (with benefit to all people):

Writing A List of Reasonable Demands:

     For instance, if a civilian were filming an officer, & the officer exceeded his authority & took the camcorder from the civilian, then lied about the incident in court, the Damaged Party (civilian who had their rights violated under color of law) could seek, among their “reasonable list of demands”, both restitution (monetary damages) and practical solutions, such as demanding “camcorders on officers, with access to footage by any civilian upon request”.  Another “demand” could include setting a more stringent screening process for officers who are getting hired, & so on.  The concept of the “list of demands” is go help your ideas that could be implemented to be addressed in order to prevent other civilians from being damaged in the future.  Every rights violation is an opportunity to cause reform within the system, to take bad laws off the books, & to collect restitution for damages, & reimbursement for the time it took you to “build the case & thus serve the country“.

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