Black’s Law Dictionary Tenth Edition- Definitions

    All below definitions are from Black’s Law Dictionary Deluxe Tenth Edition by Henry Campbell Black & Editor in Chief Bryan A. Garner. unless otherwise indicated.  

Why Black’s Law Dictionary?

     All terms below are organized by category alongside terms which carry similar functions.

Legal Terms by Category:

Adverse Possession – and many other types of possession

Jurisdiction – and related terms

Personal Jurisdiction **** Subject-Matter Definition

Plaintiff  and related terms

Complainant **** Defendant **** Third Party Defendant **** Tribunal

Pleadings  and related terms

Complaint **** Petition **** Answer **** Replication **** Joinder **** Joinder in Demurrer **** Demurrer **** Traverse **** Plea in Bar **** Similiter **** Rejoinder **** Surrejoinder **** Rebutter **** Surrebutter **** Estoppel

Trust – and related terms

Fiduciary Relationship **** Fiduciary **** Guardian **** Ward **** Beneficiary **** Trustee

Injury – & related terms

Personal Injury **** Bodily Injury **** Unjustifiable **** Wrongful Eviction Action **** Unlawful Detainer **** False Arrest **** Unlawful Arrest

Color of Law – & related terms

Color **** Color of Title

Additional Definitions Below:

Definition of SHAREHOLDER:

(1832) Someone who owns or holds a share or shares in a company, especially a corporation. – Also termed shareowner; (in a corporation) stockholder.”

Definition of STOCK:

“4. A proportional part of a corporation’s capital represented by the number of equal units (or shares) owned & granting the holder the right to participate int he company’s general management & to share in its net profits or earnings.”

Definition of HOLDER:

“1. Someone who as legal possession of a negotiable instrument & in entitled to receive payment on it.”

Definition of SUMMON:

“To command (a person) by service of a summons to appear in court. — Also termed summons.

More definitions coming soon.


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