We’re a “Democratic Republic”, by Design

4    The U.S. Federal Judiciary is a big step up from the government we had in Rome following the fall of the republic; it is important to remember:  the Roman government was hi-jacked, & early American revolutionaries *peaceably* built the U.S. government built with needed hindsight in order to protect human rights.
    Before you judge “the American book by its cover”, here are some things to consider:
here was not Bill of Rights at that time, there were no Treaties with Native Americans, there had been no Crusades or countless invasions in Europe by Muslims at the time- over 2000 years have passed, & right now it is vital for the American people to learn why the Protestants banded together with activists

How the U.S. Judicial System is Designed to Enable The People to Fix the System when used as Designed