4 Things Everyone Should Know About “Constitutional Oaths”:

State Employees Swear to Uphold The U.S. Constitution and The State Constitution, Bound Beneath & to Uphold All Statutes & Rights ThereinHOWEVER it becomes their call of duty to even “break rank & disobey orders” IF the orders, codes, policies, statutes, for instance, appear to be designed to subvert someone’s assumed rights under “Color (appearance) of Law”. (for instance, when offers are operating under commercial laws & enforcing them on impoverished &/or homeless people)

The 14th Amendment Guarantees Citizens AND non-Citizens “equal protection of the laws”.

Public Officials are “Liable” unto their Constitutional Oaths under several codes within the United States Code; they are Swear to Uphold & Defend ALL Peoples’ ASSUMED Rights

Officers can be Arrested, “Due Process” Be Demanded, and Justice can be Obtained for both Officers & Civilians for Being Put in Harm’s Way for Any Illegal Statute Congress has Enacted; includes “homeless harassment laws”– contact Distance@WildWillpower.org if you or someone you know has been affected.

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