More Court Orders:

Note:  These Court Orders are the same a

The following is a list of powerful orders that all civilians (NOT just Citizens; see 14th Amendment) may file at one’s local Federal District Court:

“Affidavit for a  Citizen’s Arrest”works on civilians AND public officials

“Cease & Desist Order”halt the unwanted activity of an individual, executive branch agencyOR other organization (Note:  works on corporate “persons” violating “property rights” including on your publicly-owned wildlands)

“Habeas Corpus”; command that a prisoner be brought before the court to challenge the legality of their custody & demand their release

“Restraining Order”keep another “person” away from a designated perimeter

“Stay of Execution”halt a judge’s order or past ruling by submitting “unconsidered information” to The Federal Judicial System (Note: the case can be “forced” under a Grand Jury

“Notice of Constitutional Question”overturn any statute, code, ordinance, policy (etc.) OR Act of Congress EVER PASSED– removes it “from the books” every place throughout the nation simultaneously

“Rescission of Contract”; exit a written contract if full ‘Terms & Conditions’ were not disclosed OR were deceptively confusing

If you become aware of other types of Court Orders which may be filed, please email them with links to

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