De-Bugging Corruption; Strategize using “Code Combos”:

The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure are designed to govern the procedure in all civil actions & proceedings in the United States courts, & when used in combination with one another– are designed to effectively root out corruption from within the government-  as you will see in the following “code combos” which give “lawful authority” for executive branch employees, for instance, to perform “illegal” duties they would not normally be able to without “Intervention” caused by proper “Civil ProcedureOR certain past Court rulings:

“Intervention of Right”; how to legally “Interrupt” in court from the audience when “Conspiracy to Interfere with Civil Rights” is being witnessed

Note:  “Conspiracy” just means “2 or more persons are involved in a criminal act”

When “Dereliction of Duty” becomes “Call of Duty”; Lawfully Breaking Rank from Within the Executive Branch (aka “The Anti-Nazi Breaker-Breaker, Roger, Roger?”)

Note:  “I was just following orders” does not hold up in court; called “The Superior Orders Defense” aka “The Nuremberg Defense“.

Picasso learn the rules


Thank you for the above art & commemorative quote by Pablo Picasso; we’re utilizing this for educational purposes under Fair Use.

Source LYNX graphic

“Federal Rules of Civil Procedure” on Legal Information Institute of Cornell University Law School:
Definition of “Civil Procedure”:
“Rule #24”:  “Intervention of Right” on Federal Rules of Civil Procedure:
Past Court rulings where “Dereliction of Duty” became “Call of Duty”:
“The Superior Orders Defense” on
“The Nuremberg Trials” on HISTORY.COM:

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How the U.S. Judicial System is Designed to Enable The People to Fix the System when used as Designed