Need-to-Know U.S. Codes:

United States Code; Title 1, Statute 204makes the “United States Code” become “permanently visible” for the rest of the court case

Title 18:  “Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law”using a “statute”, “policy”, “ordinance”, or “code” (etc.) to violate a person’s rights “under color (appearance) of law”

Title 42: “Conspiracy to Interfere with Civil Rights”; “Deprivation of Rights…” when 2 or more persons are involved

Title 18 “Aiding & Abetting”knowingly & willingly assisting another to commit a crime

Title 42:  “Action for Neglect to Prevent”; being able to safely intervene when witnessing “Conspiracy to Interfere…”, but choosing not to

Title 42:  “Perjury of Oath”violating one’s Oath of Office via depriving not protecting someone’s ‘assumed rights’

The United States Code is a consolidation of general & permanent laws compiled by The Office of Law Revision Counsel of The House of Representatives Sections of the code can also be found on websites such as

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