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  The United States Federal Judiciary is designed to help The People “fix the system” should injustice arise either within or without the system.

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Constitutional Law & Civil Rights Self-Help

    REMEMBER- build evidence responsiblyThe U.S. Federal Judicial Branch is not something to be toyed with.  Public agencies are designed to ensure the safety of officers AND civilians (using “Due Process” see 5th Amendment), & to extract corruption out from within any of the 3 branches of the government thanks in part to the “Constitutional Oath” all officials must take.  When any official takes such Oath, they are swearing to uphold all peoples’ assumed rights, privileges, & immunities.

First Amendment Rulings Re-Inforcing The First Amendment

Powerful Court Ordersyou have more power than any king ever had

More Powerful Court Ordersthese really need to be taught in public schools!

Need-to-Know U.S. Codes; hold rights-violators (including law enforcement) accountable AND— better yet– help educate law enforcement officials so they don’t have t!  United We Stand!

De-Bugging Governmental Corruption; Strategize using “Code Combos”

Taking the Power Back Peaceably & Legally; Learn to build Class Action Lawsuits, Bust Monopolies, or “Take” Private Property for Public Good using Eminent Domain OR “Stop Eminent Domain Abuse” from happening

MLK what good men must do

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How the U.S. Judicial System is Designed to Enable The People to Fix the System when used as Designed